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   SQLiteStudio is a SQLite database manager with the following features:
  • Portable - no need to install or uninstall. Just download, unpack and run.
  • Intuitive interface,
  • Powerful, yet light and fast,
  • All SQLite3 and SQLite2 features wrapped within simple GUI,
  • Cross-platform - runs on Windows 9x/2k/XP/2003/Vista/7, Linux, MacOS X and should work on other Unixes (not tested yet).
  • Exporting to various formats (SQL statements, CSV, HTML, XML, PDF, JSON),
  • Importing data from various formats (CSV, custom text files [regular expressions]),
  • Numerous small additions, like formatting code, history of queries executed in editor windows, on-the-fly syntax checking, and more,
  • Unicode support,
  • Skinnable (interface can look native for Windows 9x/XP, KDE, GTK, Mac OS X, or draw widgets to fit for other environments, WindowMaker, etc),
  • Configurable colors, fonts and shortcuts.
  • Open source and free - Released under GPLv3 license.

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3.2.1 released!
Soon after 3.2.0 few major problems appeared, which are addressed in 3.2.1. One was inability to start application under Linux, second was missing Image previewer plugin in binary packages. Both problems were caused by incorrect packaging scripts. There was also one more smaller bug regarding data exporting (see ChangeLog for more details). If you're upgrading automatically from 3.2.0, after you're done, you need to run the "UpdateSQLiteStudio" from application's folder, pick "Add or remove component" option, on next page expand the tree and mark "Image editor/viewer plugin" and proceed with installation. If you're installing/downloading 3.2.1 from homepage (and not through the auto-update), you will already have this plugin installed.

3.2.0 released!
After a long time (1.5 of year), there it is! New version has new installer (based on Qt Installer Framework), therefore automatic update from 3.1.1 will not happen. Version 3.2.0 has to be downloaded manually. It comes in two flavors - portable package (as it used to be) and also with installer application. There are TONS of changes in this version (see ChangeLog for details), but most notable are: 1) BLOBs with images can be viewed/replaced directly from the app, 2) query parameters (?, :param, $param) are now supported and will ask you for values, 3) new updates mechanism from the Qt Installer Framework (the old one caused a lot of troubles to users), 4) extensions manager (define SQLite extensions to load to databases), 5) SQLite updated to recent 3.24.0 version, with support for UPSERT syntax, 6) a lot of bugfixes, but among them there are two outstanding positions: textual values, that look like numbers (i.e. 0001) are now not interpreted as number 1 anymore and CSV import plugin speed was increased by 1400 times!

GitHub migration
SQLiteStudio has recently migrated to GitHub. This affects the source code repository, as well as issue tracker (bugs & feature requests). This should improve colaboration with potential contributors and also make it more readable, as GitHub has well established platform for the same. All bug reports from old tracker have been migrated to GitHub.

Version 3.1.1 released!
Among tons of bugfixes, there are some new features, such as plugins supporting wxSQLite and System.Data.SQLite databases (latter one only under Windows), batch importing with import() (and its import_*() family) function, support for "Row Value" from recent SQLite 3.15.0 and others - see ChangeLog for full list of changes.

3.1.0 released!
Next major release - it brings SQLCipher plugin and support for new features from SQLite 3.9.x (indexed expressions, explicit View columns), but there is much, much more! See full changelog for details.

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